Friday, 12 September 2014


Recently I received the news that I (together with Mrs D and our friend Anna) would be attending a sing along a grease night, grand and indeed fair exciting news by any measure. Filled with glee, I set about finding an outfit suitable for such an event. Naturally, I started at the top. Here the Grease Greaser Wig bounded into view.

The image to the right is the legendary Greaser Grease wig.
 However, this is not exactly what I received . Feeling somewhat agreved, I set about contacting the seller as below.

Dear fascinationsuk,

I have just paid £4.99 plus postage for a greaser grease wig and feel i must express my deep dismay and disappointment of the item received.

I have attached a photo of said item and can say with all honesty, it bears absolutely no resemblance what so ever to the photo advertising the item.

I am currently holding back on my feedback until I have heard your view of the greaser grease wig.

Yours in anticipation.



Following the above I received the reply below.

Dear alandobson101,

Hi we would like to point out that there are photos of the actual item being worn within the listing to show the true style of the wig, please be aware we do not make the packaging so have no control over the picture used on the packaging for this reason we took it on our selves to show the wig be worn in photos in the listing, this would then show the true value of the product and would refrain from complaints about the packaging photo that we have no control over, we would also like to point out it is vacuumed packed and needs styling yourself also it a fancy dress wig for fun and fancy dress not a theatrical wig which of course would be massively more expensive, how ever as we always try our uttermost to please our customers if you are unhappy with the item please return it for a full refund, I would also like to point out we are not the only company selling this wig on eBay and others are selling it for more and have made no attempt to show the wig being worn in a lifestyle photo, I hope this is satisfactory for you and look forward to hearing from you,

your sincerely

The whole team at fascinations uk
The end result? I of course left the very best feedback I could and will indeed where my Greaser Grease wig with pride.