Saturday, 4 January 2014

The education of Jack

As parents we all have a great responsibility to educate our children, a responsibility that I for one take very seriously. Part of this responsibility calls for the correct delegation on who will educate and  in what areas. For example, my job was to show Jack the ways of the force. Of course I did this by walking him through each and every StarWars film obviously delivered in the order the were made. A truly wonderful experience I must admit. A right of passage some would say.

That being that, tonight it was time for mum to step in and deliver her film education to the boy. Tonight we sat down as a family and watched the first Harry Potter film together. Home cooked food with hot mince pies and ice cream while storms raged outside gave for a memorable experience in anyone's book. Hopefully this will be the case with Jack over the coming months as the wonder, laughter and darkness that is Harry Potter unfolds.