Saturday, 4 January 2014

Halfwits at best

I ride a bike, I drive a car and I cycle. Each of these forms of transport have brought me lessons and opportunities to learn and grow in there own ways. Lately these lessons have been coming to me on my cycle rides to work. I get on my push bike at least a couple of times a week and just about every time I find myself surprised, no amazed at the way some other road users carry on. Including fellow cyclists.  

A few years ago I got myself through my bike test, the guy who did my training said that if i assume every other road user is going to do something mighty stupid, ill probably survive. Little did I know how spot on he was. Most days I make it home convinced every other bus, taxi, car, bike, boat and goat has but one primary purpose, to kill me dead.

So, what's the lesson ? you may well ask. For me the lesson is clear and simple. For the most part people are worried about themselves, nothing much else comes into it. With this in mind it gets much easier to deal with selfish self centred road users. And once I can do that, the rest of the day is simple..