Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Who knew

Today I reached the grand old age of 46, quite a thing when you think about some of the things I've got up to in years gone by. Such a thing that I really need to tap into a bit of gratitude for making it. However, it would seem that for me this is not as simple as it would seem. The reason? Quite simply because absolutely no one has stopped in there tracks to wish me a Happy Birthday. Friends and strangers on the street alike, no one seems aware of this great day. Shocking!!!

In truth, why should they? In further truth, what difference dose it really make. The ones that matter, matter. This morning Jacks first words were "Daddy, today you are 46, happy birthday". My wife got up, gave me a kiss and wished me happy birthday. Soon after I had a text from my wonderful mother in law doing the same. This is what's at the core of it, this is what really matters, what in reality makes today such a great day for me. Who knew eh?

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