Sunday, 3 November 2013

Up and down, and up again.

It's been an interesting day thus far. Up nice and early I got to spend some time with Jack and ease myself into the day, lovely. Then I jumped on my push bike and had a great little ride to Tai Chi. I've not been for a little while and to be honest it was really, really enjoyable. It really drove home the importance of a good teacher and that practice alone at home will only get you so far. My very cool morning was topped of with a nice ride home. So far, so good.

Then came the challenge. Serendipity SAMs is an indoor soft play area near where we live. I've blogged before about such places so my views are, and always have very clear on these damed hellholes. With this in mind I set of with the family ready for it.

However, as us often the case, things can come from strange unexpected angles. Turns out serendipity SAMs was kind of ok. Jack had loads of fun, the volume was reasonably low and the had a build a bear thing. All good so far. All good that was until I want to get a cupa. After paying nearly £4.00 for two cups of tea I was told no sweeteners were available and I'd have to have sugar. I pointed out not only am I diabetic, I'm also extremely disgruntled. The prophecy was fulfilled, bastards, I knew it.

Suitably pissed of sat back down, moaned to the Mrs and set about drinking my piss poor unsweetened tea looking as miserable as I could. However, as I sipped away I started to think I'm really quite enjoying unsweetened tea. Obviously not enough to openly admit it to Mrs D who is sat right next to me. But nevertheless I'm enjoying it. Maybe I might stop on the way out and say thanks to the girl behind the counter who told me to have sugar.

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