Monday, 25 November 2013

Qi Gong blog two

Day two in Manchester and day one of the Qi Gong training I'm here to do. It's been good although the woman training us is of the Chi Kung ilk rather then Qi Gong. I'm told its six and two threes and everyone if free to use the translation they please. For me its a Qi Gong thing. 

It's been great talking to Jack on FaceTime today. The wonders of the modern age, that I can have a face to face chat with my son two hundred and fifty miles away is indeed impressive, at least for me.  Still I find myself counting the days till friday when I can get home to my family. 

So thats about as simple as it gets tonight. I was grateful that the Tai Chi I've been practicing for some time has given me a decent footing for the coming week, grateful for a free lunch and grateful to see a real life tram for the first time. Odd things that they are.