Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Qi Gong blog three

Manchester has a train station, its quite a big train station and as a result it has a few of those flat do your walking for you kind of escalator things. You know, the ones you find in airports, and for that matter it would appear train stations. They are, I believe a great thing. After all, anything that is prepared to do your walking for you must surly be a great thing.

However, I find myself having an issue with these wonders of the modern age. Or at least some of the people who use them. Why, again I say why is it that people feel the need to walk on these things? More importantly, why do they huff and puff when someone like me simply stands still and lets them do the job they were employed to do. Nevertheless, I will continue to fight the good fight and come hell of high water I'll continue to stand still when ever possible. Sounds quite reasonable to me and I'm sure to the inventor of the travalator.

The rest of the day has seemed to plod on quite nicely. Qi Gong training day two went well and to be honest I'm looking forward to making use of what I learn. The area is a bit on the rough side though. Lots of flat blocks stood empty and cold wating to be blown to bit coupled with old derilict mills make for a bleak view on many different levels.

This really serves well to underline just how blessed I am in our little council flat tucked away by the woods in Bournemouth. I'll be glad to get home, I like being home. Chatting to my family on face time is cool, but I like being home. So, all in all it's been a good day. A good day apart for the "incident" at costa coffee. Lets never speek of it eh?