Sunday, 24 November 2013

Qi Gong blog one

Over the next few days I am gona be in Manchester training. training and maybe blogging just a

little bit. Being away from home is not something that comes easy to me, in fact I hate it. Saying good-by to Jack and the wife this morning was horrible, simple as that. 
The rest of the day has been fairly ok tho. The flight up in the Buddy Holy death plane passed without incident. Although a misreading of my ticket had me sitting in the departure lounge two hours early. The travel lodge is as a travel lodge is, and I'm fine with that. And the Indian takeaway I had for supper has left me feeling sick and blotted. 

I made my way to a meeting tonight and found myself pleasantly surprised to see an old friend. Oddly enough an old friend who happened to be one of the guys who carried the C.A message to me a fair few years ago. Turns out he is here doing the same training as me. This is a good thing I believe.

Lastly to the highlight of my day split in two. Firstly I called home and Jack answered. We had a great chat about the broccoli friends and his day.  I love talking to my son. Then when he went to bed I called Michelle and we chatted. I love taking to my wife. Day one has been ok. Maybe tomorrow I'll learn some Qi Gong.