Sunday, 10 November 2013

A moments silence.

I guess some of you will have realised that today was remembrance Sunday, poppy day. That day when once a year a token gesture is made and two minutes silence is held for those who want to take part. I know about it every year but in truth its never been a practice I paid that much attention to. Until today.

Today I was at my Sunday morning Tai Chi class. It had, as is usually the case been a great class. Great apart from the fact that every five minuets an announcement was coming over the tannoy system loudly proclaiming that at eleven there would be two minuets silence. Nevertheless, the class continued onward practicing forms and learning little by little.

When eleven finally stuck it turned out to be a truly stunning experience.  As a class we seemed to flow through the sequance of moves as one, the silence  not only in the studio we were in, but also through the entire leisure centre enabled a feeling of oneness that for me, felt wonderfully calming and quite simply right.  The internal martial art that is Tai Chi worked so well with what was going on at that moment in the outside world, so well.

And then it was over, the crackling tannoy once more broke into action and the moment passed. It was a nice moment, a moment that for me was most wonderful. A moment of silence.