Sunday, 3 March 2013

10 years on

On the third of the third two thousand and three in  Camphil prison in the isle of wight I took what has been up till now, my last ever mind altering substance. My wildly generous cell mate gave me the tube he had just used to smoke his gear. I suppose it must have had the slightest trace of drugs in it, though you would have never know this to be the case. Seconds later and with the smell of nasal hair and singed eyebrow in the air, my drug taking career came to an end. This has proved to be a truly amazing and quite frankly mind blowing thing.

Life now is in many ways unrecognizable to what it was ten years ago, in many ways unbelievable to what it was ten years ago and in one or two ways slightly similar. The Twelve Steps, the fellowship of my choice and the power I've hooked into have set me up in the greatest  way possible. Ten years on and I'm ok, and ok is, well,  ok.