Tuesday, 6 March 2012

For the love of God give me some sympathy

I've had a couple of days being a bit sick and just about now I'm wallowing in a big old pit of self pity. One thing I've never been able to get much of a grip on is the old grim and bear it when your ill thing, that's just not me. I'm much more of a, for the love of God give me some sympathy, kind of guy.

Problem is, sympathy is almost always in short supply in the Dobbo house hold. The best I can hope for is a sarcastic, ah, you ok love. In truth that's the way I am with the Mrs as well. The only thing close to the agitation of being ill myself, is putting up with someone else being ill next to me. They never seem to shut up.  And on that, I think I can here my most wonderful wife running me a bath, Ahhhhhhhhhhh.