Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I have no shed

It was once said by someone who says things, possibly once, that every man needs a shed. A place where he can be at ease, a place to tinker, to find himself, to just simply be. A place to let the creative juice of life flow and maybe make a shelf or two.

I have no shed. I am shed-less, bereft of shed if you will.

I do however have a drill, a makita drill, a drill that could, if I wished, build a shed. If I had a shed to build. This drill was a gift from a dear friend of mine, a man by the name of Jamie Elves. As a matter of interest, Jamie is also bereft of shed.

Tonight I found myself bursting into action with my trusty makita in a frenzy of shed-less DIY and this of course brought to mind the simplicity, and joy of a good cordless drill. It also underlined the fact that even without a shed, life ain't so bad.