Thursday, 15 December 2011

The unusual width of his nose!!!

It must have been over two years ago when along with Mrs D, I went to our Doctor to point out Jacks eyes were not quite pointing in the right direction. In the usual way these folk do we were told in a quite possibly patronising fashion that he was fine and that in fact his eyes only looked the way they did because of the unusual width of his nose!!!

Turns out this was no the case, not at all. The poor little mite is now going to need glasses until he is at least a teenager, this I must report upsets me somewhat.  Partly because I cant help thinking if they had done the job right when we raised our concerns this might not have happened, and partly because I don't want Jack getting any stick at school because he has glasses.

In truth there is probably very little I can do about any of it. Nevertheless I still need to put in place the necessary  plans to strike down with great vengeance and anger on the first bastard who dares to call my little boy four eyes, specky specky speckerson  or any variation of the above.