Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A mouth full of stitches

My last blog was written as I sat waiting for some dental surgery yesterday so I guess this is as good a time as any for an update. Update - it didn't go well........

The job at hand was explained to me by the surgeon as "no problem". A couple of big teeth from the back and a root that my dentist couldn't get out. Turns out the back teeth were fairly straight forward, a few stitches that I'm told will happily dissolve in time and a bit of a sore mouth, easy life eh? The root however was very much a different story.

While digging it out they somehow managed to put a hole through to my sinus. That was I must admit, enough for me. Yet some how my most gifted surgeon then managed to lose the afore mentioned root. Not sure where it went he told me, hoping its not gone in one of your lungs. Me to I fucking thought.

Two trips to xray and the missing root proved elusive enough for the finest medical minds to call it a day and send me home. Now I'm left with the oddest of feelings, a mouth full of stitches and a direct passage through my gums into my sinus and out of my nose. That and a big pile of antibiotics as I wait for the impending infection that is sure to follow.