Monday, 28 November 2011

Its always ok.

So I made it, forty-four years old. The folks who have known me for a while will for sure understand what a truly surprising thing that is. This all happened a few days ago and as is life, I've now moved on. The novelty of hitting 44 was as it should be, short lived. The focus of my attention has changed.

Today I find myself sat in Poole Hospital waiting to go into surgery and have some teeth pulled out. Nothing major, just a quick general anaesthetic, an hour in recovery then all being well homeward bound. That's the plan in the real world, but not in my head, no sir, not in my head.

It's funny how quickly I can move on from the gratitude of hitting 44 to the mental paranoia that sits waiting patently in the back of my head. Truth is its ok, it's always ok. I sit here listening to a share on the Twelve Concepts for World Service, knowing I have a place in this world. That's ok.

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