Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I picked up my guitar and played tonight, it was good.

I've never been a great guitarist,  or even an average guitarist if truth be told. Yet despite that I still get a feeling of ease and comfort just about every time I pick one up. Seems no matter what is going on in my little world, my guitar has the power to gently pull me away to a world of my own.

This was not always the case. I remember many years ago getting myself a most wonderful Fender Telecaster. To me this was truly a thing of desire. I always wanted one, and now I had arrived. Clearly I was set to make Robert Johnson sound like some sort of half rate strummer who could hardly play a note.

I would of course be able to do this because I now owned a mighty Telecaster. I never practised or took time to learn, I just looked and imagined how great I would one day be. Funnily enough, no matter how hard I imagined and how hard I looked, I never seemed to get any better. Nor did the amount of money I spent on the thing seem to make my playing any better. (Note to self, amend still owed to the person who paid for that guitar)

So what's changed twenty odd years on? What's changed is I no longer think I can be great at anything without putting in at least a little effort. Even then I'm fairly sure I'm never gona be much more then average in most things. The thing is, and this is an open secret, I'm really, really happy with average. Good enough truly is good enough for me now.

The end result is I get to do the things I do in life with a certain degree of satisfaction. Never needing to be great has given me the freedom to be ever so slightly outstanding once in a great while. The rest of the time I get to be mostly average and general happy. I picked up my guitar and played tonight, it was good.