Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Don't put your head in toilet seats

Even taking into account the job I have and the clients I work with, the call I received from Mrs D at lunch time today was odd to say the least. The boy has his head stuck in a toilet seat she proudly announced, and I can't get it off.  Mrs D then went on to tell me that she had what could possibly amount to a cunning plan. She was going to butter the boy to within an inch of his life and simply slide the offending item form his head.

A progress report five minutes latter confirmed  the butter ploy had failed and the boy was still stuck fast. Not only was he stuck fast, he was more the slightly aggrieved at his Mothers effort to pull his head off.

At this point I managed to stop giggling just long enough to spring into action. On route I dropped in to B&Q and grabbed a saw. I've got to say it took all I had to keep quiet about the task that lay ahead, but keep quiet I did.

In truth Jack didn't seem his usual cheerful self when I got home, In fact he seemed quite miserable. Despite this I resisted the temptation to leave him to wallow and, saw in hand, I set about freeing my son from the ring of misery.

Surprisingly enough it went quite well. Within a few minutes the boy was free and un marked. With not so much as a thanks he was off and that was that.  It did however get me thinking, as such things most surely can.

The uncertainty of life really is quite a thing and you really never know what is round the corner. If someone had told me this morning I would be cutting the boy free from a toilet seat by lunch time I may well have doubted them, yet I was.

I'm sure there is a message here somewhere, I'm just not sure what it is. Don't put your head in toilet seats I guess.