Friday, 18 November 2011

As simple and as wonderfull as my life gets.

Every minute that goes by tonight gets me just a little closer to tomorrow morning, the morning when all being well I will wake up a forty four year old. Forty four years old!!! I'm led to believe I'm gona peak any time soon, just hope I don't miss it.

So with that in mind I was talking to someone today who asked that age old question, what ya doing for your Birthday. My answer was quite frankly boring and dull.

I'd like to hit the recline button on my trusty arm chair and watch some TV with the boy. Latter perhaps a trip to the local harvester for a bit to eat, maybe even some ice cream. Life in the fast lane sure ain't what it used to be.

Who knows, the day might not pan out the way I hope. Maybe I'll end up taking a trip to Clifton and bungee jumping from the suspension bridge. Some how I doubt it, not in these pants.