Thursday, 6 October 2011

This turned out to be a woefully foolish mistake.

You can either have a filling or I can simply pull the tooth, that's what he said, "simply pull the tooth".
Now, as some of you know, I'm a lover of all things simple so with this in mind I instructed my trusty Dentist to as he said "simply pull the tooth". This turned out to be a woefully foolish mistake.

In truth I should have ran for the hills when he told me it was turning out to be harder then first thought. Of course by then it was far to late. Three roots on this tooth he said and it's not keen on coming out, not fucking keen? not fucking keen!!!

The conversation then took what I believe to be a turn for the worst. The man with the pliers explained he was going to need to cut my tooth into three parts and take one bit at a time with its corresponding root.  Few words can express the joy such a statement evokes. In truth my regret was only increased when after an hour he started working on the third and final remaining root and told me it had fused to the bone and would have to stay where it was. Probably won't give you any trouble in the future though he said. This from the same man who told me an hour earlier he could simply pull the tooth. I have to say I'm not filled with hope, not even slightly.

So here I am two days latter still feeling like I've been kicked in the face and wondering to my self why I trusted the man in the white coat with the face mask on. What is it that makes anyone trust such a person? especially when he's heading towards your mouth with a pair of pliers?