Sunday, 23 October 2011

Marco Simoncelli and Kitty's Wishing Tree.

I'm a motor sport fan, I love fast cars and I love fast bikes. Always have done, ever since I was a little kid. As a result you can more or less guarantee where I'll be on a F1 or Moto GP race weekend. I hit the reline button on my chair and accompanied by my Son Jack I kick back. This is how it was today as we settled down to watch the Malaysian GP. A race that was to be stopped in the second lap in the most tragic of circumstances. A race where 24 year old Marco Simoncelli was to lose his life.

 A giant of a man who road a GP bike in a blaze of pokey out knees and elbows. He also had a huge, some would say mighty, head of hair. But Christ could he ride a bike.

It's an odd thing how as we become followers of various folk, we develop some kind of attachment. That's how it is with me, that's how come I cried this morning when Marco Simoncelli died, the same way I did in 1994 when Ayrton Senna died. It's times like this when it would be easy to feel down and ask that age old question, Why?

This afternoon we all jumped in the car and set off for a Sunday afternoon walk. Not really having much of a plan we ended up wondering through some local woods and came across "Kitty's Wishing Tree".

I have absolutely no idea who Kitty is (or possibly was) but stumbling across this tree covered in the wishes of so many before us really did warm my heart, even the one that said "I wish saleem was dead".

You see this is, as far as I can see, it. We live our lives and we make our wishes, once in a great while they come true. Sometimes when they come true great things happen, sometimes tragic things and sometimes nothing. The point is if we let then our wishes can be wonderful amazing things. We show up, we do our best and we deal with the consequences, good or bad.