Sunday, 11 September 2011

With my arse hanging out the back of a hospital gown

Being the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I posted a thing on facebook today asking what people were doing ten years ago today. The answers were as you might expect wide and varied, and as is often the case it got me thinking about what I was up to a decade ago.

For me things were not that great. I had developed an infection in my groin and leg as the result of intravenous drug use. In Gloucester Hospital with suction packs all over the place and hardly able to stand let alone walk, I remember seeing it on the telly in the smoking room (yep they had them then) and thinking wow, what a thing, now how can I get out of here and score.

On more then one occasion I could be found making a break for Gloucester town centre  wheeling a dip behind me. I remember thinking how unfair it was that they "made" me do this instead of prescribing me injectable morphine. This was a common theme for me. It's nice it's not like that anymore.