Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Everything and nothing

The last few days have been nice, very nice to be honest. Together with the Boy and Mrs D I've spent some time in a caravan near Weston super mare. I've done everything and nothing all at the same time but now it's over, at least very nearly over. As the minutes tick away the realisation floods in that this time tomorrow I'll be back at work. This I must admit is a bit of a bugger right about now.

Nevertheless tomorrow I will return to work, I'll do the best I can do and I've got to say there is a more then fair chance I'll enjoy it. This is the way it's been for quite a while now and my hope is that it'll stay this way for sometime to come.

For now I plan to make my way to the industrial standard narrow band light box at my local hospital and work on topping up my sun tan. A treatment I have for my skin that allways seems to leave Mrs D a little on the envious side.

Good enough really since she's off to see Dolly Parton tonight and I most surely am not. Without sounding too much of a girl, I'd go if I could.

Back to my point. A few days doing everything and nothing have been great. So much so I thing I'll do it again.