Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I've survived four years marriage

It seems to me this green and pleasant land of ours has gone just a tad bananas. The city's are rioting for yet another night and the folk inclined, are doing just about exactly what they want with no fear of consequence. I will of course resist the temptation to point out what a selfish bunch of twats these people are, yes I will.

In times like this it normally helps to have a look at what I have in my life, my home, my town. In a couple of hours I will have survived four years marriage to the most wonderful Mrs D. Four years!!! That I really must report is quite a thing.

It got me thinking what the secret to a successful marriage is, assuming of course my marriage is successful. I'm guessing it is simply because it's lasted so long.

I suppose it's the same solution I've found in other areas of my life. Complete and utter surrender. I have a t shirt with the game over image that was given to me by my best man shortly after I got married. I've worn it many, many times in the last four years and it has truly served me well. As has the principle of total and utter surrender. Some times being done is a great thing.