Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Now I remember why I do this

I haven't written a thing on here for a few weeks, partly because I've not had anything to say, and partly because I simply couldn't be arsed. Actually, that's not true, I've always got something to say, mostly it's shite but nevertheless I've still got something to say. So that leaves me wondering what I've got to say right about now, and for that matter, If it's worth saying.

I find myself wondering how often I say stuff just for the sake of it, just because I don't much like the sound of silence. I know people who love the quiet, Mrs D is like that, but not me. For me silence gets really, really loud.
I've try'd to like it, I really have. All the spiritual giants seem to imply silence has some kind of deeper level connection with spirituality.  For me that all seems a bit on the bullshit side. Bullshitisum if you will. In fact I might have just developed another branch of spirituality known hence forth as bullshitisum. It's defined by the fact its very, very loud.

On the other hand, maybe bullshitisum is no more the bullshit. Or maybe I just needed to find a reason to write bullshit repeatedly for a few minutes.  What I am getting the chance to remember is the value in simply writing. Writing without having to workout what I'm gona say before I say it. Writing without worry about who will read it, of what they (or you) will think. Writing just to write, just to blog. Now I remember why I do this.