Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The wonderful things in life

1974, that's when it was, 1974. I was happily trotting through my seventh year and as far as I can remember, things were good.

I find myself sat in front of the telly tonight watching the planet of the apes film that came out a few years ago,  drifting back in my mind to those Friday nights in the last few months of 74 and thinking how careful I need to be not to miss the wonderful things in life.

The one and only memory I have of sleep walking happened on one such Friday night. We were staying at friends and I had been sent to bed most disgruntled about not being able to stay up and watch the telly, the black and white telly. I don't remember walking anywhere, I just remember waking up in my Mums arms, safe, warm and happy. Turns out that night was to be one of the enduring and till now everlasting memories of my Mum.

Now all these years latter I get to see this sort of thing unfold in Jacks life. The building of memories and feelings that could well last for years and years to come. My part in all this? well I'm convinced my part is to make dam sure I don't miss these most wonderful things, the wonderful things in life.