Sunday, 12 June 2011

Keep me occupied until my illness has passed

Quite a week it's been, quite a fucking week. After almost a year, some stuff hanging over my head has been dealt with and I've got to say, its a relief, a mighty relief. Yet despite this, I still find myself up at some un Godly hour unable to sleep yet again.

The problem started a little over a week ago when I picked up some sort of bug. I suspect it was a chest infection of sorts and for sure it was and for that matter still is, a bastard. Of course Mrs D has given me a hard time about my constant moaning, but for the sake of fuck, enough is enough.

The trouble is, like a lot of men, I have the idea that if I tell you I'm ill enough times I'll feel better. Truth is often I do. And even if I don't, at least I have something to keep me occupied until my illness has passed. Well not this time, not this fucking time in any way.

This time dispute all the pissing and moaning in the world, I'm still ill, still ill I say. And with very little sign of feeling better. Even to the point that I can't sleep because of the relentless coughing. This upsets me so, it really does. I had it the night before last and woke Mrs D up to tell her, she seemed upset with this so tonight I'm telling you. Tomorrow (Sunday) I have to drive to London at 8am, sit in committee meetings all day and don't expect to be home until around ten that night. Bugger!!!!