Wednesday, 4 May 2011

On the old fluffy cloud

Been thinking just how easy it is to sit up on the old fluffy cloud and sail through this life failing to notice anything that goes on around us. The thing is, clearly shit happens and you would have to be blind as the proverbial bat not to notice it, yet some how we do.

In truth I don't believe this has anything to do with not noticing, Its more a case of I don't like what I'm seeing so I'm gonna plunge my head in the sand and simply ignore the fact that shit happens and for some people the pain can be unbearable.

Despite this, once in a great while I get the chance to glimpse the world around me. To acknowledge that despite my overwhelming desire to occupy the center of the universe, I don't.  Right here right now things are happening. Some things are good and some are just plain shit.  Maybe just for a little while I'll do my best to stay awake enough to see that.