Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mind numbing

Mid afternoon today I got a call from Mrs D to tell me that our beloved son Jack had a fit at playgroup and they were on the way to Poole hospital. Following the ambulance gave me time to fully consider the absolute panic and mind numbing fear such things bring. Unfortunately for me mind numbing fear does not tend to numb my mind, in fact the opposite.

Recently two of the people I'm close to have lost people close to them. As a result I find myself even more sensitive and dare I say more paranoid then ever. Of course this has very little to do with the real word, but when my head runs with this shit I am no more then a passenger. 

The upshot of the whole day is Jack is now home and safely tucked up in bed. Unfortunatly a recent temp check has showed up as being a little on the low side. This obviously means a long, long night of constant checking to ensure the little chap stays warm and safe. A call only moments ago to NHS Direct has to some degree settled my mind at least slightly. So the fear will no doubt continue and the night will be long. So what? the truth is I, like most parents will do what ever is necessary to keep my child safe and that is so very simply that.