Sunday, 29 May 2011

The folk involved shine

I got to play a very small part in a charity cycle ride today that a dear friend had arranged some months ago. It was to make a few quid for a charity call Leaf  Very much in the minds of those taking part today was the fact that my friends partner passed away less then a week ago. Talk about an emotional roller-coaster...

The ride involved almost forty miles through the new forest with the majority of those taking part a little rusty on two wheels to say the least. Being a bit of a cycling pro I opted to take charge of one of the support vehicles and stayed firmly on four wheels. This gave me the chance to see the rest of the folk involved shine in a way I seldom get the chance to see people do. It truly was a privilege.

On the back of that, today has given me the chance to stop for just a few seconds and pay just a little attention to the people around me, the people I choose to call my friends. The result? the result is I find myself sat here considering my self to be one amazingly fortunate chap. If I want to see amazing things happening, I need only look to the people around me. Cool eh?