Friday, 8 April 2011

This blogging malarkey

Its a funny old thing this blogging malarkey, I mean who's really interested? Who really and honestly gives a shit? The truth is I don't know and to be honest I can't really go down the road of caring that much.

The thing is, I've worked out that if I preoccupy myself with what people think about the stuff I write, the stuff I write turns out to be mostly shit. I fall into that trying just a bit to hard bracket.

So I blog. That's what I do here, just blog. It's not supposed to be an intellectual exercise, in no way do I try to expose the secrets of the universe or for that matter the perfect boiled egg. All I do is blog, mostly talking shit and once in a while giving a tiny glimpse to the word that spins round my mind. It's not clever it's just a bunch of stuff, just stuff.