Saturday, 9 April 2011

The metropolis that is North Nibley

On a hill over looking the metropolis the is North Nibley stands a monument to a chap who went by the name of William Tyndale. Apparently this fellow did some stuff to do with translating the bible and as a result was obviously arrested, tried and killed off. Needless to say that the good folk of dear old blighty decided to erect a monument in memory of Tyndale and it has stood proudly ever since.

But that's not what Nibley monument is about for me. I've not been there for quite a few years now but the memories I have of that place still remain. The times I trudged up that spiral staircase tripping my nuts off in the dead of night. Bouncing around on mountain bikes speeding my tits off or sitting in the top doing hot knife after hot knife (I suspect noting like the hot knives they probably did William Tyndale with).

These were good times in my life, good times with good friends. Some that are still with us, some that are so very sadly gone. I can't help thinking if the youth of today are still clambering to the top of that old girl and making memories that will last a life time. I hope so.