Sunday, 3 April 2011

I'm due to go back tomorrow morning

Well that's it, after just over a week off work I'm due to go back tomorrow morning. This would at one time have filled me with such misery that the very idea would have upset me some what. Yet strangely I'm not that bothered, in fact I'm even very slightly looking forward to it. Odd eh? I guess it comes from quite liking what I do for a living, at least most of the time anyway. 

So it would seen that my days of skulking and loafing may well be over. This I need to say may well be a sad turning point. In my day I was a skulker that could have well completed in the skulking Olympics, if indeed any such thing had existed. 

Seems I cant even be a flea bitten tramp any more, though I've got to admit this is something I don't miss at all.