Friday, 22 April 2011

I quite like to sit down

It's been one of those days that feel like its been a whole weekend. Once in a great while they come along and its really quite nice when they do.

Tea time came with the Dobbo's trudging down to the beach to hook up with some friends for a bite to eat cooked to charcoaled perfection on the BBQ.

When we were down there one of my friends asked me what would be my perfect thing to do. Truth is I had to really think and what I came up with was less then ground breaking.

I quite like to sit down and mostly I'm fond of strolling through the woods. That was it, that was all I could come up with, and that was the truth.

Its kind of a comfortable place to be, to not want or need to be doing anything greater then having a nice sit down or a steady amble in the woods. The beach was nice today as was time with my friends.