Sunday, 13 March 2011

one of those days

Once in a great while I have one of them days I simply wish would never end, today was one of those days.

Loading the Dobbo clam into our trusty Almera we set off out this afternoon not really knowing where we were going, we were just going. As it happens we do that quite a lot and usually end up wondering round the woods.

Today we ended up at the Sammy Miller Bike Museum and came face to face with a real life space goat! Turns out space goats are quite friendly creatures and gave no sign or attack mode at any point.

I do believe I like space goats.

Shortly after the space goat introduction we headed in for a cuppa where Mrs Dobbo and the Boy jumped aboard an old Fordson Major and the photo shoot started.

I remember driving a tractor much like the one pictured in my often miss spent youth and I can report if you can drive one of those things, and survive, you can drive anything. I'm thankful this one was not running. With it's lack of everything elf and safety related it would have probably killed my family in a split second flip.

So with my Fordson Major surviving family we set down with a nice cuppa while Jack bounced around the play park running round like a complete nut nut and loving every minute of it. Twas good stuff and no mistake.

The day had been a good one and as It drew towards an end I jumped on the trusty old CB and took her out for a gentle run in the afternoon sun.

It's not often I get to ride the bike just for the sake of it, and it's not exactly a sports bike, but nevertheless enjoyment was to be had, and I had it.

I finished off having a lovely bath and tucking Jack up in bed. It really has been one of those days to remember.