Saturday, 26 March 2011

I've won bugger all

I guess it must have been over ten years ago when I heard my Dad had won some money on the lottery. I hadn't seen him for quite a few years by then and had been flat out drinking and using for a long time with all the joys that come with that shit. The news of this win inspired me to track down my dear old Dad and rekindle our relationship, after all what else would a good son do?

Finding my dear old Dad wasn't that hard and soon I found myself chatting away and cunningly slipping in the lottery win enquiry. Turns out he pulled in quarter of a million pounds. My heart sang a happy tune as I envisioned a future filled with all I could drink, and all I could use. Sadly however, this was not to be the case.

You see my Dad had been paying more attention then  I realised. He gave me a oner and sent me on my way. He knew feeding me with a substantial cash flow would have more then likely killed me. It's a funny thing, at the time I didn't quite see it that way. In fact I didn't see it that way for quite a while. But now I do. A few years into my sobriety I got to make amends to my dear old Dad and this I can assure you is a wonderful thing. Now I do the lottery myself almost every week, I've won bugger all yet my life is mostly great.