Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I'm not tempted to try at all

On May 18th, 2009 I hooked into a micro blogging site that goes by the name of Twitter. I'd been a bit of a Facebook plodder for a little while but some how it lacked the freedom I was to latter discover on Twitter, mostly because facebook people were friends of mine, or at least they had been at some time, or might be. Either way, chances were they knew who I was.

But Twitter was different, so very very different. In many ways it's like really good sex. The people who don't get it, don't get it. Nevertheless, I'm tempted to try and explain. Actually, I'm not tempted to try at all, so I won't.

Truth is I still hook into both these mighty social networks every day. On one I get to see what some of my friends are up to and take advantage of what has become one of the worlds greatest amend finding machines. On the other I get to see what some of my friends are up to and ramble on as if no one is listening. I like that and hopefully I'll continue to like it for years to come, God forbid I need to start talking to people face to face again.