Thursday, 17 March 2011

The gentle onset of rage

I'm in the position where I'm not only a car driver but also a motor cyclist. I've driven cars and rode bikes since I was a teenager and over the years have seen some blinding examples of what I like to call "twats" on the road. Without a doubt I see more of them when I'm on the bike then I do in the car.

A couple of days ago riding home from work I came across an absolute blinder. Often the aforementioned twats will be driving big expensive motors (although not always). On this day the twat drove a nice new merc.

One of the best bits of advice I've ever had is to expect everyone on the road to do something stupid. I stand on this guidance and I've got to say I'm seldom let down. This was the case with the merc. Obviously the twat in the car was pre occupied with his phone call, as was I when he sliced in front of me changing lanes like some demented bastard.

Horn a tooting I hoped for at least some sort of recognition, but no, the phone call continued. What a little fucker this man surely was and I suspect still is. As I began to feel the gentle onset of road rage I eased off and watched the twat swerving down the road, over taking, undertaking and generally doing what he wanted.

I Iet it, and him go. Now two days on I find myself wondering if I should have in fact quietly followed him. Found out where he lived and burned his fucking house to the ground.

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