Monday, 31 January 2011

A super strong, multi layer, spear proof hat

It must be over a year ago when I blogged about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. A man short of size but mighty of hat. A man who built many of the great wonders in the Victorian age. Ships, bridges, railways, the list could go on and on. I well remember my first visit to the Clifton suspension bridge as a kid and going down the docks to see the Great Briton as she started her long restoration process. For a young country boy this was indeed a great thing to see.

It would be many years before I was really able to understand the true might of this man. Brunel towered above his peers, measuring six foot plus, he was an imposing figure and no mistake. However, its only recently that the the full extent of Brunel's quest for power and prestige has been relieved. Scientific evidence has recently proved beyond reasonable doubt that Brunel was in fact a person of restricted growth, a PORG if you will.

For years this could never be accepted, clearly photographic proof shows Brunel towering skyward. However, upon closer examination and with the aid of modern technology we are now able to identify that only three foot two inches of Brunel's six foot frame, was in fact Brunel. The rest was made up of super strong, multi layer, spear proof hat. In latter years this revolutionary material would be used to build the mighty codpiece that would protect Walt Disney's family jewels in the now infamous mouse attack of 53.

Nevertheless Brunel was a great man, Walt Disney may well have been also.