Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Do, dee, do, do

With a whole pile of fellowship service, study and work to do tonight I made a decision to neatly file it all on the fuck it pile for one night and relax, and I've got to say thus far it's been a screaming success. I may well be in a state of relaxation and providing the desire to kill my fucking neighbours banging around upstairs doesn't overwhelm me, it may continue for a while.

It's an odd thing, but sometimes I think I forget how to relax, to simply chill out and drift away. The truth of it is for me this really is a peace of piss. Normally all I have to do is stop doing all the stuff I normally have to do. Once that's happened I don't feel the need to do the things I do that do, dee, do, do. From a practical point of view this amounts to me clicking into you-tube and listening to some tunes, maybe once in a great while picking up my guitar and perhaps even blogging a little. The end result is a far cry from the Zen like state I once dreamed of, but the will to kill has subsided and that's near enough to relaxed for me.