Saturday, 11 December 2010

Do what you want

Seventy six years ago today a man called Bill Wilson took what turned out to be has last alcoholic drink. A few months later he hooked up with a chap called Bob Smith and the Twelve Step fellowship Alcoholics Anonymous trudged into action. Its an incredible thing that from this tiny spark such a mind blowing and life changing thing has grown. The Twelve Step program of recovery (and we do recover, make no mistake) has undoubtedly affected and changed the lives of so many since then, and I'm happy to report that includes me.

Thing is, it includes me because I want to be included, I want to be part of this thing, this way of life. I some times find myself chatting to folk who seem keen to give me reasons why the Steps will not work for them. They go to great lengths listing this and that, telling me how they once knew someone who worked the steps and used again, of how they heard tell of a person drinking in a meeting. To each and every one who has ever had (or intends to have) this conversation with me, please understand when I say, DO WHAT YOU WANT.

I'm not here to talk anyone into recovery, the only thing I know for sure is that up until now this has been the thing for me. I suspect it will continue that way and I really think a key part in the puzzle that makes that possible is the fact I truly want to be here. Many tried, but no one way able to convince me I was done, until I was. I'm left with a bit of that old gratitude thing again though when I think of Bill all those years ago, that last drink, and what grew out of it.