Saturday, 4 December 2010

A cake of such mighty proportions

It don't seem all that long ago I used to fly about everywhere on my trusty push-bike and wash cars all day long. The result was that for a man in his mid thirties, I was in fairy good shape, even if I do say so myself. Then things started to change.

I found myself in an office, bound to a desk for most of the day perfecting the art of the mighty sit. This on it's own would have surely been move then enough to reshape, but then came the cake.

Not just any cake, oh no. A cake of such mighty proportions that should it be approached with anything less then extreme caution, death would instantly follow. Turns out there's a lot of these death cakes out there and I seem to have developed a taste for the little buggers. So, whats the answer? Well its quite simple. Watch what I eat, make sure I exercise regularly and avoid anything that looks even remotely like a death cake. Will I? To be honest its not very likely.