Sunday, 5 December 2010

400 miles

To say it's been quite a weekend would be an understatement of extreme proportions. It's been nothing short of mental. I'm gona try a brief roundup so I can crawl in the bath and then bed, I so need some sleep.

It all started with a drive up to the inlaws on Saturday. A simple, some would say flawless plan lay before us. Drive up, stay the night, leave Jack with his nan on Sunday and nip up to Birmingham for a convention committee meeting. Upon or triumphant return we would simply drive home in a relaxed state of contentment.

Saturday night sleeping on one of them bastard inflatable beds was not a great experience. Mrs D did her best to try and make it more comfortable but alas, to no avail. With no bottom sheet and the mattress covered with a supper grip cover, I found myself victim to the twist and turn wedgie over and over. The end result, not a fucking wink of sleep all night.

7.30am we left the mother ship and headed north for our meeting. I freely admit the journey up was cool and as we arrived I thought the day was for sure on the up. Shortly after I was charged £4.10p for a small cup of costa coffee. You can imagine how my heart sang. As if to add insult to injury, I was also charged £4.15 for a hot choc.

As the day drew to a close and I set of to retrieve the boy with my beloved wife, I remember thinking, home, just let's get home. Sadly this was to take a little longer then I first thought mostly due to the afore mentioned wife putting or home address in the sat nav and not her mothers where the boy was. Some hours latter we made it back to the mother ship torn and tattered.

At long last we picked up Jack and set off back to our most wonderful of homes, however, we still had more to come. Poor little Jack has been unwell the last few days, a constant cough has left me feeling really, really sorry for him. Despite this, I found him spewing all over the back seat with another hour of driving quite a thing.

We did eventually make it home. Absolutely knackered and stinking of sick the Dobbo clan shuffled in, put the heating on and thanked God we made it back. It's been a long 400 miles.

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