Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The witness

Some of you will remember my "now that's progress" blog  back in April this year. It told of the sad demise of my beloved Micra, shafted so cruelly up her rear end while parked.  This tail of woe was to continue when the driver of the offending vehicle decided to change her story and say I reversed out in front of her. In no way did this please me. Nevertheless Safe and secure in the knowledge that the truth will always out, I decided to bide my time and let the trusty insurance company's sort it all out.

Skip forward seven months and today I receive a letter from my insurance company telling me that the driver of the other car has miraculously found an eye witness who, she says, seen the whole thing. Apparently this "witness" watched as I reversed out right in front of the other driver. I find this odd to say the very lest. I had spent time after the accident asking if any of the chaps who came to help from the local garage had seen it happen. I even went back the following day to double check, but no one had seen a thing.

I have to wonder who or indeed what this surprise witness is. And more importantly, how anyone can get away with such blatant bullshit. I mean really, come on, can this honestly be happening? Well, yes, yes it can and yes it bloody well is. I'm so very tempted to concoct my own surprise witness right about now, one who can simply tell it like it happened, but of course I won't. Sometimes this honesty in all areas of my life thing really is a fucker, it really is.