Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Four years

It was four years ago today my step Dad Derek died. Its an odd thing that although this chap wasn't my biological father, he really did treat me like a son. Even after my mum had died, he still continued to treat me like a son. I don't know if this sort of loyalty is a normal thing or if he went on and beyond the call of duty with me, all I know is I'm grateful.

And this has got me thinking, much like the great thinker depicted by the photo to the right. What is it in what we laughingly refer to as normal folk that provokes such reliable loyalty? Answers on a post card please.

I know it now, I can feel it, but for many years this simply wasn't the case. I'd tell you I was honest and loyal, but of-course that was all a lie. I was loyal to one person, and one person only, me. Maybe its that point when we turn that self-centred thing right round and ping it out to the world around us. Maybe the default setting for some folk is just to think of others naturally.

Its a default setting I have absolutely no understanding of what so ever. But maybe Derek did, maybe its as simple as that and no more needs to be said.