Friday, 29 October 2010

That bloody windscreen

So thanks to a recent insurance quote (the bastards) it has been necessary to revert back to a bike and sell the little old Clio just in time for the impending winter rain and ice. My first thoughts on this are quite simply, bugger!!!

My weapon of choice? the Honda CB250 complete with top box and at least for the moment, a windscreen. Now please understand, I love bikes, I always have. Deep down I'd rather be on two wheels almost every time. Granted out of preference it would be a GSXR 750 (or something of that ilk) but a bike all the same.

So why the CB250 and more importantly why the top box and that bloody windscreen. I find myself asking myself this question as I do the realisation has dawned on me that its practical and should do exactly what I want it to. That's about as simple as it is.

I'm not really sure when the change happened. When the practicality of something such as a bike became more important then the pure style of the thing. Of course I'd still love the GSXR but as a winter hack to run me to and from work I hoping the CB has been a wise choice. As is mostly the case, time will tell. One thing for sure is Jack loves it.