Sunday, 10 October 2010

Never darken our doorstep again

Whoever come up with the concept of Sunday being a day of rest, was indeed wise and no mistake. I have an idea it was God or maybe one of them folk in the Bible. To be perfectly honest I'm not sure and in this case, I don't care that much. What I do care about, is this morning I've been able to hit the recline button and chill right out.

In other news I've started working on a degree with the OU. Big stuff for someone who was asked to leave school early and told to never darken our doorstep again. Of course started is all I've done so far, but start I have. Truth is, right here right now I haven't got a clue if I'll make it to a degree, but trust me when I say, I'll try.

Seems to me that all I've done over the last few years is try, try honestly and try my best and it's been OK. In fact it's better then OK, It's been quite amazing, mostly. So maybe for me things are just as simple as trying my best and living with the results. I guess as long as it really is my best at any given point, I'll be OK.