Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Kyocera ceramic potato peeler

I'm reliably informed that the Kyocera ceramic potato peeler is in the world of the potato a force to be reckoned with. Its ergonomic design coupled with its ceramic blade make it almost unstoppable. They also cost a bloody fortune and happen to be a firm favourite with Mrs D.

A little over a week ago I took on the task of preparing my cheese sandwiches for the following days work. Always one to look for ways to simplify, I caught sight of the mighty Kyocera and in a split second decided this would be the ideal cheese slicing tool. Turns out the Kyocera isn't that mighty, nor is it's razor sharp ceramic blade.

Mrs D didn't take the news very well, not very well at all to be honest. The demise of her trusty spud peeler seemed to upset her more then a tad. I tried to make things better, I really did. But despite repeatedly telling her it must have been crap to snap on a peace of soft cheese, she was still upset.

Skip forward a week and my most wonderful mother in law decided she would give her  Kyocera ceramic potato peeler to Mrs D. A mother can see sadness in her daughters eye and she clearly understood the recent loss Mrs D had suffered.

Once in a great while I think it's important to treat your loved ones. Sometimes with big things, sometimes with just a simple little gesture. With that in mind I decided today I was going to cook the wife a nice Sunday roast, this would of course include my soon to be world famous roast potatoes.

Be careful with that thing, Mrs D yelled as I grasped the Kyocera ceramic potato peeler firmly in my hand. As the ceramic blade sliced through helpless potato I remember thinking this really is effortless. Then it snapped, it bloody snapped!!! Not on cheese, oh no, on a potato. For the love of God, what use is a potato peeler that falls apart every time it gets near a potato?

Needless to say my wife is now in a state of moderate to extreme distress. No matter how many times I repeat the clear flaw in the kyocera (it's crap and they keep falling apart) Mrs D still seems to be upset. I just had to fork out another tenner for yet another kyocera ceramic potato peeler. Lets hope no one needs to touch the dam thing or it will most surely dismantle its self and as is always the case, it'll be my fault.