Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Funny that.

It was less then a week ago when the Dobbo household found its self inflicted with two, yes two hefty utility bills. Being the responsible adult in the house, I sat down with Mrs D and read the riot act. I discussed at length the importance of watching every penny and between us we made a pact to up our game where. Spending money is concerned. That was last Thursday.

Friday I found myself filled with glee as the back box fell off my car making it sound just like a world war two tank. £60.

Saturday as we drove to London discussing the tiny chip on the windscreen I found myself weeping with joy as a passing truck flicked a stone slightly smaller then a house at us making a £100 insurance excess quite likely.

Sunday brought me the joy of a Natwest cash machine taking £50 out of my account but not giving me a single penny, obviously!!!

Funny that, eh?

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