Wednesday, 20 October 2010


So, today was quite an important day for me, or at least it was supposed to be. For the last few months I've been waiting for today to come along so I could get some stuff sorted out. Nothing mind blowing, just stuff. Did I? No, I most certainly did not. Turns out I now going to have to sit it out until next year. The word bugger springs to mind.

So I once again stand at a cross roads. Do I spend the next few days doing all I can to slip into slip pity and play the victim? Or do I simply recount my blessings and get on with living my life. The answer would and indeed is obvious, but that in no way guarantees I will trudge the obvious and easier road.  This recount your blessings thing is a lot simpler then it sounds.

Seems to me that all this makes very little difference when it comes down to the reality I find myself living in. That reality, my truth, just happens to be that I'm fundamentally a lazy little sod who will if given the choice, always opt for the easier softer option. Turns out the easier softer option involves letting go and trudging on. Good enough.