Sunday, 24 October 2010

Dip and dazzle

I got the chance to per-chase a nice new netbook for the Mrs today, its a lovely feeling being able to give and I've got to admit nowadays I get the chance to do it once in a while. So as I write this Mrs D is sat next to me filled with glee installing the various programs necessary for a happy netbook user. My plan is once I finish blogging I will bust out the Ben and Jerry's ice cream and chill for the rest of the night. Life is indeed quite good. However, if you had asked me how things were going a few hours ago, I may well have told you to go get fucked.

As we set off on our merry way with the mid afternoon sun shining, I had no idea what was to come. The plan was simplicity in it's self. "Nip" into pc world and grab the netbook of choice. I'd done my home work and knew exactly what I wanted. Then we were heading for the woods so the boy could trundle about on his bike for a while.

The initial signs were good, we were welcomed with a hearty smile and the offer of a "free" prize draw. As Mrs D took care of the prize draw issue I headed to the netbook area and zoomed in on the machine of choice. Then I waited. I waited, and I waited a bit more. Eventually one of pc worlds finest seemed to break into a walk and started to head my way. As he homed in on me I got the feeling that at least one of his eyes were pointing in the right direction, the other I couldn't be sure of. Dip and dazzle sprung to mind.

I have that one I said, not in stock said he. OK, fair enough, I'll have that one. Again dip and dazzle informed me (this time with a smile) it's sold out. He then went on to explain I could have one of the ex display slightly scratched  machines if I wanted. A little crest fallen I said OK, what discount can you offer me? No discount, he told me (still smiling) but I can offer you £10 reduction on a case for it. What joy.

After about ten minutes I worked out dip and dazzle wasn't going to budge so I moved on to a manager, I was sure fairness would win the day. Shortly after I found myself dragging Mrs D and the boy out of the shop so we could head to another shop and get the dam netbook we wanted. Only as we were getting in the car did Mrs D point out it was Sunday and everywhere would be closed in the next fifteen minutes.

I trudged back into pc word a beaten man. In the end I spent £80 more then I wanted and for the pleasure received a half price netbook case. The joy of this was only surpassed when we got home and opened the box to find a free netbook case included. Mrs D is however very happy with her new netbook and I'm going to eat some ice cream.